The Art of Tablescaping

The Art of Tablescaping

What is ‘tablescaping’ and how do I do it?

When I chat to people about my business or even tell them its name, mentioning the word ‘tablescapes’ often leads to a few blank faces…

In truth it’s a new trend, one which has taken off in 2020 (we’re all in need of some lockdown escapism, right??) and shows no sign of disappearing any time soon. When I peruse the internet, my favourite definition comes from Fearless Fresh:

“Tablescaping is the act of creatively and intentionally arranging a tabletop so that it conveys a specific theme, mood, or experience.”

Warm and fuzzy feels right there!

However, when we dial it back, tablescaping is simply decorating a tabletop – something we have all done in our time.

The recent tablescaping trend is the basic act of laying the table whilst upping the ante, particularly at special times of year or when we are in need of a little pick-me-up. Thinking ahead about your table ‘look’ is now de rigueur (the way you would with the menu preparation) as well as planning a few special touches that will make your table stand out from the rest. This could be the addition of crisp table linens, fresh, dried or faux flowers, tapered candles or statement charger plates – your table is your oyster! Your Instagram feed and Pinterest board will thank you for it too.

It all sounds pricey, right? It can be, however there are always clever tricks that cost nothing or very little. Foraging in your garden or a park for gorgeous greenery, adding fresh fruit or herbs, or a velvet ribbon tied round cutlery or napkins all add a special touch. See our Tablescaping Tips & Tricks - Making Your Table Unique for plenty more ideas.

Most importantly, tablescaping should be great fun. Hosting any meal for family and friends can bring joy and a beautifully decorated table simply adds to the overall experience.

Christmas is a great time for trial tablescaping – we’ve all got plenty of decorations in the house that can be repurposed on the dinner table. After a year off from hosting, it’s time to make your table extra special this festive season.

Share your creations with us on Instagram @truffletablescapes – we love to see new ideas and styles.

Happy tablescaping!

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