Repurposing Your Tablescape: The Sustainable Approach to Table Décor

Repurposing Your Tablescape: The Sustainable Approach to Table Décor

These days many of us are doing our best trying to repurpose, re-use and upcycle all the lovely items we have around our home. I, like many, know I don’t necessarily need more things, however, I am partial to something exciting and new (be it clothing or homeware!) but want to understand how I can purchase in a more conscious way.

Black mother of pearl charger plate on display

I know you’d (quite rightly!) like to treat yourself to a stylish new tablescape and perk up many a lockdown meal this winter and spring. However, with sustainability now the order of the day, here are our tips on how to re-use and repurpose your tablescape items around the home.

  1. The most obvious items to repurpose are the candles and candle holders from your tablescape. No sooner have I used them at a meal, than I am placing them round my home where they stay until the next table is set. Mantlepieces, cabinets, coffee tables, consoles, drawers and neat little corners in bathrooms or kitchens can be transformed with a beautiful candle holder and twinkling light.
  2. Statement charger plates are perfect for display around the home. Clear your mind of old-fashioned houses with plates adorning each wall and instead think of displaying one or two statement pieces propped up in open shelving or on a pretty cabinet. Surround with colour coordinated homewares for a stylish look.
  3. Faux, fresh and dried flowers are perfect for recycling around the home. How about a trail of mini bottles displaying flowers along your fireplace, a cluster of vases in a corner of the bathroom or bunches of dried lavender laid out along a mantle (which will also smell divine!)?
  4. Quality linen or cotton runners can be used to inject colour around the home. Simply drape over a chest of drawers or large cabinet (perhaps to hide any marks or scratches!) and use as a base onto which you can display photo frames, candles, ornaments or vases.
  5. Don’t forget that repurposing works both ways; you can add to your tablescape with items from around your home. Trinket boxes, decorative dishes and jugs, beautiful bowls and seashells all look fabulous on a table.
  6. Finally, it goes without saying that quality tablescape items should stand the test of time and be re-used during meals at home for many years to come. Tweaking the pops of colour on your tablescape using ribbons, or seasonal flowers or fruits, will freshen your table again and again.

Candle cluster on mantlepiece

These tips will help you enjoy your tablescape items time and time again, saving money and meaning we go a little step forward to being more conscious about all we consume.

Happy tablescaping!

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