Ready, set, Truffle! My Tablescaping Journey

Ready, set, Truffle! My Tablescaping Journey

Surely one of life’s greatest and most simple pleasures is a wonderfully cooked meal prepared and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home? Add to that the company of loved ones and a stylish, beautifully decorated table, and you have all the trappings for the perfect evening (not forgetting delicious wine and a fabulous outfit, of course).

I have always loved eating with family and friends and have a weakness for home interiors (Anthropologie and Zara Home are firm favourites!) so appreciating tableware and theming a meal came naturally over time.

I collected many beautiful pieces over the years which were often admired by guests – heavily embroidered floral placemats from a market in Hong Kong, crochet and glass coasters from a Portuguese boutique and vintage crockery passed down from relatives to name but a few.

My career as an events manager also saw me decorate gala dinners (a forest theme for 500 – no problem!) fundraising suppers (tartan with a twist to celebrate the magic of Burns – of course!) and staff parties  - all great fun and as fast paced as you would imagine!

As with most brides, my wedding was the perfect occasion to showcase my style and tablescape vision. The big day took place on the Saturday before Christmas so I chose tall table centrepieces and twinkling life size trees to create a winter forest theme in the ballroom. Tucked into each napkin was a green thistle for the gents and a sprig of mistletoe for the ladies (inspiring many a Christmas kiss that evening!).

This all begged the question that if beautiful tables bring such joy, why do we save them for corporate parties and weddings?

Truffle Tablescapes is the result of many years of tablescaping and the belief that every meal should be special.

It’s true that the fondest memories are made when gathered around a table… and surely those memories will be even greater when that table is exquisitely dressed! Our tablescape in a box collections are the easiest way to achieve this – simply pick your theme and let Truffle do the rest.

Wishing you many happy memories at beautifully decorated tables,

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