Mantlescaping: Five Tips for Success

Mantlescaping: Five Tips for Success

Easter Mantlescape

The glamourous trend of mantlescaping is here to stay this year and we are very much on board! Here are Truffle's top tips for creating stunning fireplace mantle decorations this season.

Symmetry vs Asymmetry

Before you begin, consider whether you would like to create a structured symmetrical mantlescape or if you would prefer something a little less formal. If a balanced look is for you, start by choosing two large matching accessories to place at either end of your mantle. Chunky candle holders, vases of foliage or miniature accessories (bunnies at Easter, trees at Christmas) are all perfect anchors for your design. Once these are in place, work inwards using smaller accessories of different heights to build your look.

For a more free-flowing mantlepiece décor, try placing a large item such as a vintage vase of dried flowers at one end. Then add a different, smaller accessory, such as a cluster of candles, at the other end. Fill the gaps with a blend of items that complement each other. 

Go for a Garland

Garlands make the perfect mantlescape foundation and bring colour and texture to your look. Dried flower wreaths can be used all year round, but brighter floral garlands or sprigs of seasonal greenery make attractive spring options. If your spray is a little longer than your mantlepiece, allow it to drape evenly at either side to create a chic frame for your scheme.

Blue candles and vase on spring mantlescape

Style in Miniature

Instead of anchoring your look with one or two larger pieces, create a subtle scheme with a series of mini bud vases. Group vases of different colours, finishes and shapes, then fill them with delicate floral posies or sprigs of foliage for a curated, eclectic style.

Bunnies on Easter mantlescape

Odd One Out

Accessories often work best when they are displayed in odd numbers. Three is my magic number, so try placing a trio of pillar candles in differing heights or a trilogy of seasonal ornaments together. Put these at the centre of your look.

Tapers and Twists

With their seasonal fragrances and warming glow, we think candles are an essential ingredient for all mantlescapes. Bring together candlesticks of different heights and display coloured tapers and twist candles alongside votives and tealights in glass or metallic holders. Experiment with different candle placements to create a mantlescape that looks full and opulent without feeling cluttered.

Share your mantle creations with us @truffletablescapes on Instagram - we love to see new ideas and décor designs!

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