Royal blue leopard glass vase displaying blue and green hydrangea
Close up of royal blue tortoiseshell vase displaying green and blue hydrangea
The Santorini coral tablescape with blue leopard glass vases, white table runner, blue coral plate sets and navy tapered candles in aquamarine glass holders
Trio of blue dappled leopard glass vases with blue and green hydrangea
   122-BLUEVASES_6698909b-13d1-4a0d-86c6-6365e0f39c88  1024 × 1024px  Kate Fairlie, founder of Truffle Tablescapes, setting a blue dappled glass vase onto the Santorini coral tablescape next to an aquamarine cut glass candle holder
Close up view of royal blue dappled glass vase
Truffle's Santorini al fresco tablescape with blue coral design plates, blue glass candle holders, blue leopard dappled vases and navy tapered candles
Blue coral Santorini plate set next to blue dappled glass vases

Blue Leopard Dappled Vase

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Our stunning Blue Leopard Dappled Vase is made from glimmering royal blue speckled glass. It is the perfect size for placing down the centre of a table (we love clustering three together) or will look beautiful when placed at a window. Let the sun shine through the glass to see the full depth of the detailing.

Height: 15cm
Colour: Blue and black
Material: Dappled glass

Pair with our Large Blue Leopard Dappled Vase (18.5cm) to create a pretty set.

Our Blue Leopard Dappled Vases are sold individually.

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Super blue

A lovely stem vase. A beautiful hue of blue.